Storytime: Letter R

Activity: Make a rainstorm

  • Give some kids egg shakers, some kids bells, and some kids rhythm sticks. Talk about the different sounds rain makes – shakers are light rain, bells are hard rain, rhythm sticks are thunder. Say “light rain,” “hard rain,” and “thunder” in different orders and have the kids practice listening and following directions to make a rainstorm.
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Mother/Daughter Book Clubs: Bridge to Terabithia

Book Review:

Bridge to Terabithia is a classic story about friendship. Jess Aarons wants to be the fastest runner in fifth grade and would have been except that a new girl, Leslie Burke beats him. They become best friends and spend their afternoons creating a magical world in the woods behind Leslie’s house. A tragedy occurs and Jess must deal with the loss of his friend. I have always loved this book. It is a beautiful story of friendship and learning what’s important in life. My daughter loved the book as well, and she enjoyed the movie.

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