Teeth. My Worst Enemy.

Stefism #29 Teeth. My worst enemy. Teething, biting, first 8 teeth, canines, 1st year molars, 2nd year molars, 6 year molars, loose teeth, falling-out-teeth, tooth-fairy, permanent teeth, cross-bite, under-bite, over-bite, expanders, braces, head-gear, missing teeth, overcrowding, impacted teeth, 12 year molars, braces phase II, wisdom teeth, brushing, flossing, cavities, fillings, root-canals, crowns. The nightmare never ends. And I'm pretty sure I just paid for my dentist's new Porsche. #yourewelcome

I keep telling my husband I need a personal secretary to keep track of all the pediatrician, eye-doctor, dentist, and orthodontist appointments I need to make, change, and keep. I just had to take my sobbing seven-year-old away from recess on his first day of school to get a crown replaced that he ground a hole in from grinding his teeth. Oh, and then, a week later, I took my daughter to get a baby tooth pulled to make room for her impacted tooth, and oh yeah, the dentist found a piece of popcorn that had slipped under her gums where her twelve-year-old molar is coming in. The popcorn moved to the back of her mouth and created an abscess, so the dentist had to dig into her gums to remove it. This kind of stuff happens? Gross.

So my 7-year-old saw my drawing and didn't understand how teeth could be my worst enemy. He thought my picture would look better like this:


But man, look at those fangs! That would add a whole new dimension to breastfeeding.