Fiber One Bar? No thanks.

Stefism #33 A good trick to play on your kids would be to let them think that Fiber One bars are just regular ol' granola bars. Then you can laugh and laugh and laugh and cry when they all get diarrhea at the exact same time. #oops

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So one Saturday afternoon we were sitting in our church at a baptismal service. All of a sudden, my kids all started farting at once. It was bad. Like, really bad. I got them out of there and luckily made it to the bathroom in time for them all to have diarrhea. Not kidding. Five kids with diarrhea in the church bathroom. I figured they must have caught some vicious stomach bug at the exact same time. But later that night, they were all perfectly fine. Then I realized each kid had downed at least three Fiber One Bars that morning. Which made me laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more. Poor kids.