Blogs and Skinny Jeans

Stefism #1: If you swear you will never have a blog and will never wear skinny jeans, don’t be surprised a few years later to find yourself blogging while wearing skinny jeans. Welcome to the new age. You’re only like 5 years late.

Well, folks, this begins my journey as a blogger. I always swore I would never have a blog, and now I can’t even remember why. I’m pretty sure the sleep-deprived haze I’ve been living in for the last ten years had something to do with it. However, I do remember why I swore I would never wear skinny jeans. Because they look hideous on me. Really. Skinny jeans and thunder thighs just don’t mix. Oh, well. The things we do to avoid looking frumpy…

Each week I will be sharing “Stefisms” with you, or little bits of Stef wisdom that I’ve picked up through the years. According to Urban Dictionary a “Stefism” is “a joke or anecdote characterized by a distinct lack of humor or purpose.” How perfectly fitting- and, ironically, hilarious- is that? Who knew such a word really existed?

So I hope you enjoy my blog. And if you have skinny jeans, enjoy those too.