How many wet diapers a day?

Stefism #4: When you are at the pediatrician's office and the nurse asks, "How many wet diapers a day?" try not to stare blankly as you think, "Is she asking how many times a day he pees or how many times I actually change him?" Just respond with my go-to answer for any question: "Normal."

Ahhh…diaper changing. I once had a friend that changed her kid’s diaper every single time she peed. Every. Single. Time. She said she could smell it. Luckily, I am not blessed with a very good sense of smell, and therefore do not smell it when my child pees.

This lack of olfactory skill leads to only changing my kid’s diaper three times a day – when he wakes up, after his nap, and before bed. And of course, when he goes, you know, number 2. Occasionally I change his diaper and think, “How in the world is there so much pee in here?” His diaper is hanging down to his ankles!

So kudos to diaper manufacturers! They’ve given us the ability to let our kids walk around with 5 gallons of pee hanging off their bums!