Mother/Daughter Book Club (Ages 9-12)

Last summer, my daughter was reading Much Ado About Anne, the second book in The Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick, which she loved. In Much Ado About Anne, the girls in the book read Anne of Green Gables for their mother-daughter book club. My daughter started to ask me questions about Anne of Green Gables, so I handed her a copy and told her she should read it. After looking at the length and the tiny print, she said, “No way.”

Obviously, it was not her type of book, and there was no way I was going to convince her to read it, unless I read it to her, which I did. After I read part of Much Ado About Anne, I had the ingenious idea to start a mother/daughter book club! (Duh.) I must say that I love Heather Vogel Frederick, for a) writing The Mother-Daughter Book Club series and b) inspiring me to have my own book club!

For the past year, we’ve had about 6-8 girls and their moms take turns hosting book club once a month. We discuss the chosen book, have some sort of food related to the book, and then do an activity that goes along with the book. I have been given permission from the other moms to post their ideas for the books they hosted. It has been a great experience, and if anyone is thinking about starting a Mother/Daughter Book Club, I highly recommend it!