Brain Cells

Stefism #8: Speaking of brains, I read once that for every child you have, you lose half your brain cells. That means I'm left with 1/32 of my original brain function. That explains a lot. Wait, what were we just talking about?

Wait, were we speaking of brains? I am actually happy to have read this fun fact, because it really does explain a lot. Like why I can’t remember anything unless it’s written down. Or why I can’t even remember my kids’ names. Or why I am constantly dropping things. (Was I always this klutzy? I swear I wasn’t!)

But my real question is – where are all these lost brain cells going?? And how do they leave? Do they drain out our ears or hang on to all the dead hair we lose after childbirth? I always joke that I’ve given all my brain cells to my children. Is that true? Or are they just floating around somewhere in the universe waiting to land on some strange creature, finally giving them their big evolutionary break? Or maybe they just die. In that case, I believe we should hold funerals for our brain cells after the birth of each child. RIP…Here lie the brains of Stef…may she learn to function without them. It’s called closure, people.