Gag Factor

Stefism #12: When you have slaved over dinner and provided your family with a delicious meal, don’t be offended when your 7-year-old starts gagging and your 5-year-old declares there is no way he is eating that. They have no concept of how much effort goes into preparing a can of SpaghettiOs.

You know how recipes online are all rated on a 5-star system? This may work for some, but it really doesn’t give me enough information. I have therefore developed my own rating system, called The Gag Factor. I rate my recipes based on how many of my family members gag while eating it. So if a recipe has a Gag Factor of 7, it means it was so bad we threw it out and ate cereal instead. With a Gag Factor of 0, everyone loved it and gobbled it down (very rare). I usually consider dinner a success if the meal ended up with a Gag Factor of 1 or 2.

So look forward to upcoming recipes! You can find out just how many of your family members you can make gag!

You can also look forward to many exciting stories about Gag Factor 7 meals. I admit, I have a lot of them…