Summer Incentive Chart: Ticket to Ride

I’m a little bit obsessed with incentive charts and always try to come up with something new and exciting. As exciting as you can make charts, that is…

So this is my idea for this summer – our very own Ticket to Ride game board. (For my kids ages 5-10)

This may look complicated, but really it’s not. Or maybe it is. Ha, whatever. Feel free to mock me. :)

Here’s how it works:

1.     Every weekday my kids are required to do 4 things – 30 min of piano, 30 min of violin or cello, 30 min of reading, 30 min of workbook type stuff. For each 30 min, they get to color in 1 rectangle, so each day they should be coloring in 4 rectangles. (For my 5-yr-old, each rectangle is 20 min and he doesn’t play piano.)

2.     If they finish their 4 things for the day, they can have 1.5 hrs of screen time.

3.     Every time they get to a train station, they can earn another 30 min of screen time.

4.     For every half hour of extra stuff they do, they can color in another rectangle, thus helping them earn more screen time. For example, if they read for an extra hour, they can color in two more rectangles.

5.     The squares around the edges are cumulative points for all the kids. So working together, when they get enough points, they earn prizes for the whole family, such as going out to ice cream or going bowling.

6.     Each kid is a certain color and his or her train has to stay connected the whole time. The kid with the longest train at the end of summer will win a bonus prize.

That’s it!