Pregnant Bellies

Stefism # 18 You know how strangers like to come up to you and rub your pregnant belly? Well, I like to go up to men that look pregnant, rub their bellies, and say, "Awe, I just love fat bellies."

I don’t know what it is, but there is something magnetic about pregnant bellies. People are just drawn to them. And for some reason, pregnant bellies seem to be fair game. It’s like it’s not even part of your body anymore – just a public bulge ready for action. Because has anyone ever touched your belly when you’re not pregnant? Nope. That’s just weird. Would you ever go up to a man with a giant beer belly and rub it? Nope. Although it might be nice and squishy. Hmm. I get that people want to feel the baby kicking. But when you’re shopping in a store and a complete stranger puts their hand on your belly? Awkward! Next time, I’m going to touch their belly back and say, “Awe, I feel your stomach rumbling. When are you going to eat?”