Pit of Despair

Stefism #21 In a minivan, the 3rd row should be known as the "Pit of Despair." Do NOT go back there. EVER. Just keep hoping that someday the garbage will come alive, chew your children up, and spit them back out on the floor, just so they know how it feels.

Seriously. I keep my house pretty clean. But my car? I don’t know, but it’s just not possible. It drives me nuts. Every time I clean it out and vacuum it, I always reinstate the “no eating in the car rule.” Which always lasts for approximately 2 minutes. Then the baby cries for food, and I cave and give it to him, igniting an “it’s not fair” whinefest, so I cave and give them food too, because a quiet car is so much better than a clean car. Except a “quiet car” doesn’t really exist, so really I just mean “quiet-er car.”

The middle row occasionally manages to get their wrappers and junk into the garbage. But the third row? The floor is their garbage can. It’s seriously disgusting. I don’t even know how humans, even little ones, can stand sitting back there. I just close my eyes, take deep breaths, and try not to look back there.