2015 Fails

2015 was fraught with Stef Fails. Here are a few of the highlights:

1.     I planned an ice skating outing for over 30 people. We all showed up at the rink to find out it was closed. Oops. Sorry everyone…

2.     I organized a camping trip for my family and a couple other families. Upon arrival, I was informed that I had booked our friends’ campsite for a different weekend. Oops. I really do like you guys…

3.     We arrived in Orlando for a fun family vacation only to find that I had booked our rental car for several hours earlier in the day, and they had rented our car to someone else. It then took over two hours to find a rental car company with a minivan available to rent. Oops. Sorry kids, but sitting in the airport is just as fun as theme park rides, isn’t it?

There were oh so many more Stef Fails, but sharing them would take all day. Here’s to a 2016 chock full of more Stef Fails, because hey, I have 5 kids, I’m losing my mind, and I need to keep life interesting, right?

Happy New Year!