ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words

Hi everyone! Exciting news! My book ABC, See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words is now available on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

If you have a child that is ready to learn alphabet sounds and early reading skills, this is the book for you! This method of learning to read is simple, effective, and fun.

For each letter, teach your child the sound the letter makes, not the letter name. Cute animal pictures help teach a hand motion to go with each sound, so your child will see, hear, and “do” the sounds. For all you teacher-types, this process incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities to teach phonemic awareness. The combination of so many learning styles makes learning and remembering the sounds much easier. And after learning only the first four letter sounds, your child can practice blending sounds together to form words.

This book is not only great for parents, it is a great resource for storytime, preschool, or other school settings.

If you do buy my book and use it, I would love your feedback on Amazon or Goodreads. Thanks in advance for your support!

Happy reading!