Diaper Storage

Stefism #22 When your baby feels like a ton of bricks, you may think it's because he's so fat. Think again. It might be because your three-year-old is putting rocks in the baby’s diaper.

Because, come on, a diaper is a good place to store stuff! So why not put rocks in there? Or legos or candy, for that matter? You can save it for later, when you get bored or hungry... 


Is this your baby?

Stefism #20 The Mother of the Year award might just be yanked out of reach when you hear a voice calling from the front door, "Um, hello? Is this your baby?" 

I hear stories on the news about negligent mothers and think, how could they do that? What were (or weren’t) they thinking? But honestly, sometimes this stuff just happens. The kids were in the basement and I was in the kitchen making dinner. Then I hear a voice from the front door, calling, “Um, hello? Is this your baby?” Confused, I walked to the door only to find a teenage girl holding my 18-month-old. What?!

Turns out he had come upstairs, opened the front door, and taken a stroll outside. By his 18-month-old self. Luckily, some nice woman and her daughter saw him take off for the street, stopped their car, and brought him up to the wide open door. First of all, I didn’t even know my baby could open the front door! This was the first time. Second of all, agghhhh! Talk about scary! I am so grateful for those kind people that saved my child. And yes, I am now a little psycho about making sure my front door is locked. But I still like to quote, “Um, hello? Is this your baby?” 



Stefism #3: When you're nursing and your baby bites you, you could flick his lip. Or you could just bite HIS nipple.

I must admit that I’ve never actually tried the latter method, but it does seem like it might be effective.

I am no longer nursing, but as of late, my 2-year-old has been biting anything he can get his teeth into – my hand, my shoulder, my leg. The first two times he bit me, I flicked his lip, and he cried. The third time he bit me, I flicked his lip again, he cried, and then he reached up and flicked my lip. Seriously?!

Obviously the flicking of the lip is not working. I have heard that biting them back is effective, but due to his previous retaliation, I’m afraid of the onset of a vicious biting circle.

So how do all of you deal with biters?