Bathroom Privacy

Stefism #14 I remember when I used to have dreams of traveling the world and doing amazing things. Now I just dream of the day when I have a bathroom door that locks.

Since having kids, I have never had a bathroom door that locks. Why? I really don’t know. Okay, I don’t actually remember if our bathroom door locked in our first house, but according to my memory, it didn’t. In our new house, the bathroom had a pocket door that warped with age, so the locking mechanism didn’t line up. When we remodeled our bathroom last fall, the main thing I said was, “MAKE SURE YOU FIX MY BATHROOM DOOR SO IT LOCKS!” The amazing construction people readjusted the door and put a new lock on. A beautiful, shiny, locking lock. That worked for approximately three day before my kids broke it. Big surprise.

Why do my kids not understand when they open the bathroom door and I shout, “PRIVACY!” at them? We obviously need to work on this.

And then, even if they do listen and close the door, they insist on standing right outside the door: “Mom, are you done yet?” “Mom, I’m hungry!” “Mom, can you see my fingers?” “Mom, can you see these Pokemon cards I’m sticking through the crack in the door?”