Things that suck

Stefism #2: If you thought pregnancy, vacuums, and nursing babies had nothing in common, you'd be wrong. They all suck.

Now, let’s dissect this. We all know why vacuums and babies suck – to pick up dirt and guzzle milk. Most of the time, that is. Unless of course your vacuum explodes and spews dust-covered hairy Cheerios all over the floor. Or your baby screams incessantly for a reason no one can figure out. But I digress. ;)

Why does pregnancy, the miraculous creation of new life, suck? For oh-so-many reasons. I mean, where to even begin? I could make a list, but we’d be here all day. So I’ve decided to cut it down to my top three reasons pregnancy sucks.

1.     Throwing up

2.     Vomiting

3.     Retching

Shoot, I just can’t get past that.

What are your top three reasons? And if you are one of those people that loves being pregnant, please spare us sufferers, and just keep silent on this one.