Is this your baby?

Stefism #20 The Mother of the Year award might just be yanked out of reach when you hear a voice calling from the front door, "Um, hello? Is this your baby?" 

I hear stories on the news about negligent mothers and think, how could they do that? What were (or weren’t) they thinking? But honestly, sometimes this stuff just happens. The kids were in the basement and I was in the kitchen making dinner. Then I hear a voice from the front door, calling, “Um, hello? Is this your baby?” Confused, I walked to the door only to find a teenage girl holding my 18-month-old. What?!

Turns out he had come upstairs, opened the front door, and taken a stroll outside. By his 18-month-old self. Luckily, some nice woman and her daughter saw him take off for the street, stopped their car, and brought him up to the wide open door. First of all, I didn’t even know my baby could open the front door! This was the first time. Second of all, agghhhh! Talk about scary! I am so grateful for those kind people that saved my child. And yes, I am now a little psycho about making sure my front door is locked. But I still like to quote, “Um, hello? Is this your baby?”