Stefism #3: When you're nursing and your baby bites you, you could flick his lip. Or you could just bite HIS nipple.

I must admit that I’ve never actually tried the latter method, but it does seem like it might be effective.

I am no longer nursing, but as of late, my 2-year-old has been biting anything he can get his teeth into – my hand, my shoulder, my leg. The first two times he bit me, I flicked his lip, and he cried. The third time he bit me, I flicked his lip again, he cried, and then he reached up and flicked my lip. Seriously?!

Obviously the flicking of the lip is not working. I have heard that biting them back is effective, but due to his previous retaliation, I’m afraid of the onset of a vicious biting circle.

So how do all of you deal with biters?