Review 2

"I wasn't sure how much my barely 2 year old daughter would be able to learn from this book, but was pleasantly surprised at how much she loved learning the sounds and hand motions of the cute animals. She can't string the sounds together to form words yet, but she gets a huge smile across her face when she gets a sound right. I am excited to keep using the book as she gets older and hope she will be able to string sounds together soon!"

-Alan, dad of 2 year old

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Review 1

"This book is a perfect way for kids to learn their letters and sounds! I was amazed at how fast my 4 year old was able to learn them and could read words! The pictures are really cute too!"

- Sarah, mom of 4 year old

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Review 3

"After using ABC See, Hear, Do, my son can read his first words at two years old. It's one thing to know the letters and sounds but another to put them together to make words. This method has helped my son form words as he acts out motions associated with each letter and sound. I'm definitely recommending ABC See, Hear, Do to my friends!"

- Courtney, mom of 2 year old

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Review 4

"This book ABC See, Hear, Do is amazing! It is not like any other alphabet or first-reading book out there.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I found it to be groundbreaking, in such a great way!  You may, like I did, think it looks cute but unassuming at first.  Don’t be fooled—get your child on your lap and start going through it with them, and then you’ll see the magic happen!  Because the child sees a picture, says the sound, and makes the hand movement, it feels like a game to them. And for those same reasons, because they experience the letter in so many different ways with different senses, they retain what they learn extremely quickly and firmly.  I was astounded with just how crazy-fast my 3-year-old learned the sounds and hand motions for the letters.  Not only that, but as soon as we reached the end of the book, he asked to begin again.  It was really fun for him!  If you are looking for a book to help your young child learn his or her letters, run to get this book! If you just want a book that engages your child a unique, fun way, get this book—learning to read will just be a happy bonus."

- Kayli, mom of 3 year old

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Review 5

"My four year old loves this book and has very quickly picked up the letter sounds and reading the words.  This has totally opened his world to reading, and he is seeing words all around him now, trying to sound them out! My two year old also loves the book and is learning the letter sounds.  Though he does not quite get putting the sounds together yet, I know it is just a matter of time since he now knows most of the letter sounds. I can't wait for more volumes of this book to be published, to further help my children as they learn to read!"

- Tracie, mom of 2 and 4 year olds

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