Mother/Daughter Book Club: Tuck Everlasting

Book Review:

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit is a great book to start a discussion about everlasting life. The Tucks found a magical spring and are frozen at the age they were when they drank from the spring, unable to die. Winnie Foster stumbles across their secret, so they “kidnap” her to make her understand why she shouldn’t drink the water and shouldn’t tell anyone about it. Unfortunately, a stranger overhears them and complicates things. This book was a little tougher for my daughter to get into because the language is somewhat flowery, but she ended up loving it.

Discussion Questions:

1.     Do you agree with the decision Winnie makes at the end of the book? Why or why not? Why do you think she decided to take this route? Did you see it coming?

2.      If you were offered the option, would you drink from the spring and accept immortality? Why or why not?

3.     Why do the Tucks keep the knowledge of the spring a secret? Do you think this is fair? What would have happened if the secret got out?

4.     Make a pro/con list about immortality. What would be the best parts? What would be the drawbacks? Does the narrator of Tuck Everlasting seem to have an opinion about it?

5.     What do you think will happen to the Tucks after the end of the book? How will their lives be different after their experiences in Treegap?

6.     Which character seems happiest to be immortal? Which is the unhappiest? Why? Does it have something to do with their personalities?

7.     How will Jesse react after he hears what happened to Winnie? Will he be understanding? Angry? Sad?

8.     The man in the yellow suit seemed like an interesting—if slimy—guy. We challenge you to write his story. He was on a quest all his own, and we're pretty sure it would make for a fun detective book.

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Food Ideas:

Flapjacks, goldfish, and water bottles with labels that read, “This water bottled from eternal springs…drink at age 17.”


The girls thought about what they wanted to be remembered for when they die, and then created their own tombstones. My friend quickly typed up what they had written and printed them on cardstock with tombstone clipart around their words. This really got the girls thinking about their futures and what was important to them.