Mother/Daughter Book Club: The Mysterious Benedict Society

Book Review:

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is a long book! My daughter was turned off by the length of the book, and it took us about 6 weeks to read, but we finished it! It revolves around four gifted children that pass a series of difficult tests and are chosen to figure out a mystery that will save the world from destruction. I won’t say more and spoil the mystery, but the book is full of interesting characters and fun plot twists. Despite their initial groans about the length, many of the girls from book group went on to read the sequels.

Discussion Questions:

1. In order to be selected, children had to pass several tests. Which test did you like the best? How well do you think you’d do on it?

2. Four children passed, Reynie, Sticky, Constance and Kate. Each had unique talents to offer the team. Which child would you like to be and why?

3. Why did Reynie thank Mr. Benedict for selecting him for a dangerous job? Would you have thanked him?

4. Did you notice anything interesting about some of the place or character names?

5. Everyone in the book was an orphan and had no family. Yet, this book was all about family. How can that be? What do you think makes a family?

6. What were the rules at the LIVE Institute? What was the purpose of them?

7. Reynie noticed that the Messengers were motivated by being a part of something. Was this true for the Mysterious Benedict Society? What motivated Mr. Curtain?

8. How did each child’s strength get used to solve the mystery? Why did they need each other?

9. A lot of people talk about “doing the right thing.” Reynie struggled with this alot. Have there been times when you’ve been tempted one way or another? How does it feel?

10. How did you like the ending? How would you have improved it?

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Food Ideas:

We had ice cream sundaes. Yum!


The girls learned Morse code and sent messages to each other with flashlights. This was a lot harder than we thought it would be! My friend also printed out a bunch of puzzles and brain teasers for the girls to figure out.