Storytime: Letter Z

Welcome Song: (to the tune of Farmer and the Dell)

            We clap and sing hello,

            We clap and sing hello,

            With our friends at storytime,

            We clap and sing hello!

            (wave, stomp, march, wiggle, blink, waddle)


Alphabet Song: Use shakers while singing!


Introduce Letter:

            Show kids a flashcard of the letter Z.

            Sing “The Z says zzz, the Z says zzz, every letter makes a sound, the Z says zzz.”


Book 1: My Grandparents Love Me by Claire Freedman and Judi Abbot


Activity: Sing “Zany Z’s are Zipping By” to the tune of “London Bridge”


Zany Z's are zipping by, Zipping by, zipping by.
Zany Z's are zipping by, Zip! Zap! Zoom!


Book 2: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell


Activity: Clue Zoo


Bring a bag of plastic zoo animals. Give clues about each animal and have the kids guess what it is.


Book 3: Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire


Review: Show letter flashcard and say the sound again


Craft: Letter Z zebra