Storytime: Letter E

Welcome Song: (to the tune of Farmer and the Dell)

            We clap and sing hello,

            We clap and sing hello,

            With our friends at storytime,

            We clap and sing hello!

            (wave, stomp, march, wiggle, blink, waddle)


Alphabet Song: Use shakers while singing!


Introduce Letter:

            Show kids a flashcard of the letter E.

            Sing “The E says eee, the E says eee, every letter makes a sound, the E says eee.”


Book 1: We’re Going on an Egg Hunt


Activity: Egg Hunt!

Write letters on the outside of plastic eggs, and have the kids find eggs with the letter E on them.

Book 2: Do Your Ears Hang Low by Jenny Cooper


Activity: Relay race!

Put plastic eggs on plastic spoons and have the kids walk across the room.


Book 3: 10 Easter Egg Hunters by Janet Schulman and Linda Davick


Review: Show letter flashcard and say the sound again


Craft: Letter E egg