Kids Book Club: Magic Tree House #8 Midnight on the Moon

After starting my Mother/Daughter Book Club, my boys were, of course, jealous. They saw we had treats, and they wanted in. So I decided to start a book club that was geared more toward my boys, though we also invited girls to participate. I ran all of these book clubs myself, charged a dollar or two for supplies, and parents were welcome to drop their kids off if they were old enough or stay if their kids were on the younger side. I found this a great way to get my boys interested in reading and I think the kids all had a lot of fun!

Book Review:

Midnight on the Moon is the 8th book in Mary Pope Osborn’s The Magic Tree House books. This time, the magic tree house lands in a space center, so Jack and Annie don spacesuits and walk on the moon! They meet a mysterious moon man and ride in a moon buggy. I love The Magic Tree House books, and this one is fabulous for learning about the moon.

Discussion Questions:

1.     Where did Jack and Annie go in the tree house? Would you like to go to the moon?

2.     How did Jack feel as he walked around in his suit? What do you think it would feel like to wear a spacesuit?

3.     What was the blue and white ball that glowed far away? How would it feel to see Earth from the moon?

4.     Jack always wants to read his book first and Annie wants to go experience things. Are you more like Jack or Annie?

5.     How did Jack communicate with the moon man? Have you ever had to communicate with someone who didn’t speak the same language as you?

6.     What did Jack draw on the star map? What did the constellation look like? Do you know how to recognize any constellations?

7.     What was the fourth special thing? What were the other three things? How were they related?

8.     Who was Peanut? Were you surprised or did guess that?

9.      If you could go in the magic tree house, where would you want to go?

Food Ideas:

We had sugar cookies with star and moon sprinkles on them, and red, white and blue rocket popsicles.


We did three activities. 1. An art project: gave each kid a piece of black posterboard and had them glue a Styrofoam disc onto it as the moon. Then they poked craters in the moon with the back of a paintbrush. Last, they painted or drew stars on the black paper to make a night sky. 2. Physical Activity: each child took a turn putting on large snow boots and a helmet and jumping on the trampoline to see what it was like walking on the moon. 3. Group art: painted a cardboard spaceship. It was awesome.