All Aboard the Chore Train!

You may remember a previous post a couple months ago of a hand drawn chore chart I made for my kids for the summer. After many requests for a downloadable version, it is finally here!

I have opened an Etsy Shop, called Stef Hohl Creations, and am really excited about it. I have many chore charts that I have used in the past with my kids, which I am also hoping to create downloadable versions of. So stay tuned for more charts in the next few months!

You can buy this one here: StefHohlCreations

Design Credit: Ryann McKinney

Design Credit: Ryann McKinney

Here's how it works:

-Write down your kids' chores.

-Write down rewards.

-Kids can color in one train for each chore they do.

-They earn a small reward each time they get to a city. (the dots)

-Keep track of the total number of trains for all your kids combined around the edge so     they can earn family rewards

PS - The child who has the longest unbroken train at the end can receive a bonus prize.


Note: Right now the only size available to download is 16x20. Email me if you would like it in 11x14 or 20x30. Also, if you buy the chart, I would love to hear your thoughts and would really appreciate a review on Etsy!