Storytime: Letter B

Welcome Song:

            (to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”)

            We clap and sing hello,

            We clap and sing hello,

            With our friends at Storytime,

            We clap and sing hello!

            (wave, stomp, march, wiggle, blink, waddle)

Alphabet Song: Use shakers while singing!

Introduce Letter:

  • Show kids a flashcard of the letter B.
  • Sing “The B says bbb, the B says bbb, every letter makes a sound, the B says bbb.”

Book 1: You’re My Boo

Activity: Bean Bag in a Bucket

  • I gave the kids bean bags to throw in a bucket. When they threw their bag in, they had to say something that started with B.

Book 2: Baby Parade

Activity: “Bubble, Bubble, Pop!”

            (to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”)

            One little red fish, swimming in the water,

            Swimming in the water, swimming in the water

            One little red fish, swimming in the water

            Bubble, bubble, bubble, POP!

            (Two little blue fish, three little green fish, etc.)

Book 3: Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Review: Show letter flashcard and say the sound again

Craft: Letter B bee